British Morgan Horse Society

Founded 1975


MAY 1979


Redbourne, St Albans

Pos & Name Exhibitor Owner
In-hand; 2 and Under
1 Monnington Mozart   Monnington Morgans
2 Trijas Tunetime   Monnington Morgans
3 Trijas Pepita   Monnington Morgans
4 Monnington Theme   Monnington Morgans
5 Monnington Jubilate   Mrs E Sharp
6 Bery Besplendid   Mrs J Cook

In Hand; 3 and Over
1 Springervale Pecora   Monnington Morgans
2 Trijas Sweetcharm   K & J Quick
3 Arduns Neva   K & J Quick
4 Tarryall Maestro   Monnington Morgans
5 Springervale Kristen   Monnington Morgans
6 Weatherwell Sunshine   Ms A Huband
7 Trijas Gaytime   The Hon. Bridget Astor
8 Trijas Primetime   The Hon. Bridget Astor

1 Pride's Delight   H.Brass
2 Western Lancer   Mr & Mrs P Weaving
3 Silvington Selection   Ms L Lathe
4 Silvington Kelly
Ms E Gill

Harness Class: Park Divison
1 Springervale Pecora Mr J Davies Monnington Morgans
2 Tarryall Maestro Mr J Bulmer Monnington Morgans

Harness Class: Pleasure Division
No Entries

Saddle Class: Park Division
1 Tarryall Maestro ms A Huband Monnington Morgans
2 Springervale Pecora Ms A Conner Monnington Morgans

Saddle Class: Pleasure Division
1 Arduns Neva Ms L Salmon K & J Quick
2 Springervale Kristen Mr J Bulmer Monnington Morgans
3 Trijas Gaytime Ms P Hackett The Hon. Bridget Astor
4 Just-A-Nod Exodus Ms J Mercer Ms J Mercer
5 Trijas Primetime Ms J Heale The Hon. Bridget Astor

Grand Champion Tarryall Maestro
Champion Springervale Pecora
Reserve Champion Arduns Neva
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