Rare and Foreign Breed Shows 2020

This list is kindly compiled by Lynn Jarvis  - A full list of shows for 2020 can be found on the USA-UK website (www.american-saddlebred.co.uk), 


Due to the current situation sadly, the majority of events are no longer going ahead. These dates are a guide only so please check with the organisers whether the events are going ahead. 



3rd - 6th September - South West Iberian Show. The Grange, Devon. PRE, Lusitano & invited baroque breeds. www.southwestiberianshow.co.uk



6th September - APHS Open Breed Autumn Show & APHS Foreign Breed Festival Show & Foreign Breed National Finals. Pachesham EC, Leatherhead, Surrey. Ring of foreign breed classes including the APHS Foreign Breeds National Finals, judged under USA-UK rules. www.aphs.org.uk

ADVANCE ENTRIES ONLY DUE TO CORONAVIRUS - classes restricted to 10 entries. Entries via Equoevents:




12th September - USK Show, Lancayo, Wales. Foreign Breed classes & championship. www.uskshow.co.uk




18th & 19th September - Royal London Show. The College, Keysoe, Beds. Foreign Breed classes. Pre-qualification required - late qualifiers held in the morning of each day. www.royallondonshow.co.uk

This show is likely to be OPEN for 2020 (no qualification needed) due to the cancellation of earlier shows in 2020 due to the coronavirus - please refer to the RLS website for more details).



25th - 27th September - Friesian South Gradings & Evening Show




2nd - 4th October - VHS National Championship Show. Arena UK, Leics. Foreign Breed classes & Championships. Horses must be at least 15 years of age. www.veteran-horse-society.co.uk

17th & 18th October Showcase of Champions. Soliull RC, West Midlands. Foreign Breed classes. www.showcaseofchampions.co.uk


25th October - APHS Foreign Breed Festival Show.

White Horse Farm, Harvel, Kent. Judged under USA-UK rules. www.aphs.org.uk



ALL SHOWS/CLASSES judged under USA-UK Show Rules are automatic qualifiers for the APHS Foreign Breed National Finals.


2nd May - APHS Foreign Breed Festival Spring Show. Willow farm, Faversham, Kent. A show for foreign breeds, judged under USA-UK Rules, qualifier for APHS FB National Finals & 10% discount for USA-UK members. www.aphs.org.uk



23rd May - USAUK May Festival Show

Moreton Morrell College, Warwickshire, CB35 9BP

Our Championship Show for American Saddlebreds & Open Show for all Foreign Breeds. No membership, qualification or registration required to take part - all welcome and entries taken on the day (please check classes are still open for entries before setting off). Walk/Trot, Junior & Concours classes open to ANY breed (not just Foreign Breeds). Qualifier for APHS FB National Finals. Schedule available as a PDF file on this website at the end of 2020. Special anniversary rosettes, carried over from 2020, to ALL competitors to celebrate our 25th anniversary as an Association If you are a USA-UK member however (& you don't need to own a Saddlebred to be a member), you save 10% entry fees at this show. 

Judges: Vera Huddleston, Lorraine Rowntree, Sadie Key & Chris Porter

3rd - 5th June - Royal Cornwall Show. Wadebridge, Cornwall. Iberian, Friesian & Foreign breed classes, judged under USA-UK rules & qualifier for APHS Foreign Breeds National Finals. 




11th-13th June (FB classes on Saturday 13th) Lusitano Breed Society Championships at Arena UK, Leics. - classes for PREs, Lusitanos & Foreign Breeds (FB judged under USA-UK Rules [American] & qualifier for APHS FB National Finals). www.lusitanosociety.co.uk



15th & 16th June - Cheshire County Show. Knutsford, Cheshire. Foreign Breed classes. www.cheshirecounty.org.uk


27th June - Derbyshire County Show Elvaston, Derby. Foreign Breed & Rare Breed classes. www.derbyshirecountyshow.org.uk

9th -11th July (FB classes on Friday 10th) - Kent County Show. Detling Showground, Kent. Foreign Breed classes, judged under USAUK rules (English) & qualifier for APHS FB National Finals. 


We are pleased to report that the 2021 show will hold both in hand and ridden Foreign Breed classes, for both pure and partbreds; all qualifiers and with a Foreign Breed championship as well

18th July - APHS London Counties. Pachesham EC, Surrey. Ring of foreign breed classes, judged under USA-UK rules. 10% discount on advance entries for USAUK members. Qualifier for APHS FB National Finals. www.aphs.org.uk

18th - 22nd August (Fb classes Sunday 22nd) - Equifest. East of England Showground, Peterborough. Foreign Breed ring, judged under USA-UK rules & incorporates the USA-UK British National Finals. Qualifier for APHS FB National Finals. www.equifest.org.uk

12th September - APHS Autumn Show & APHS Foreign Breed National Finals. Pachesham EC, Leatherhead, Surrey. Classes of foreign breed classes including the APHS Foreign Breeds National Finals, judged under USA-UK rules. Classes for all breeds - Open to breed any breed, not just foreign breeds). www.aphs.org.uk

Keep checking the website www.american-saddlebred.co.uk for the most up to date list as more shows are planned for the rest of the year, but details not yet finalised.

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