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In line with Weatherbys, since 1999 we have been in the process of changing from Blood-typing to DNA testing as a means of Parentage Checking, and since 2001 all foals are required to be DNA tested. Blood-typing is longer be available from the end of 2002.

Please note that the cost of DNA kits has risen to £55 for BMHS members, and £60 for non members.

As of January 2015, registry papers will no longer be issued inside the passport. They will be issued separately.

It is a legal requirement that the Registry is notified of any transfer of ownership within 30 days

All registry forms are available here

Link to AMHA Registry Rules and Regulations- BMHS has reciprocity with the AMHA and abide by their rules and regulations


The BMHS Registry was set up in 1975 with the first importation of Pure-Bred Morgan horses from the USA.


Angela Conner, who introduced the breed to Britain, had the foresight to Blood-type all the horses at this time, and all Morgans in this country have been Blood-typed for parentage since then.


At the same time a separate register for both Part-Bred and Anglo Morgans was begun. The Registry follows the Rules laid down by the AMHA and has full reciprocity with their Registry, which means that all British registered horses are accepted as Pure by the AMHA without need for further blood-typing, and we accept American Registered horses here on the same basis.



Trudy Connolly

Contact: BMHS Registrar
Monnington Court,
Tel 01981 500488

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