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Founded in 1975


We are The British Morgan Horse Society

The Morgan is one of the earliest horse breeds developed in the United States.


Tracing back to the stallion Figure, later named Justin Morgan after his best-known owner, the breed excels in many disciplines, and is known for its versatility.


The Morgan horse is compact and refined in build, with strong limbs, an expressive face, large eyes, well-defined withers, laid back shoulders and a well arched neck and a clean cut head.


There is officially one Breed Standard for Morgan type regardless of the disciplin or bloodline of the individual horse.

Recognised as one of the first American breeds, the Morgan Horse can be traced back to a single stallion, Justin Morgan’s ‘Figure’ . He was known for his versatility, strength, stamina, superb temperament and correct conformation. He epitomised the ideal light horse for a pioneering nation.


Present day Morgans differ little from their mighty progenitor and they continue to thrive in the USA and across Europe.

Often referred to as the Artist’s Horse, the Morgan Horse is classically upheaded, proud with an animated way of going. Morgans have fine intelligent heads with large expressive eye, good length of neck and a long sloping shoulder; be short coupled with powerful hind quarters and clean, strong, refined limbs. This coupled with their loyal, kind and bold personality, make them a versatille breed, willing to commit to any task.


Morgans are unique in that they excel at both riding and driving and can be used by all the family.


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Briarpatch Phoenix

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Available from Chapel House Stud.

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 One of the last breeding sons of WC GRADELL'S VIGILANTE out of Elite mare and twiceSwedish all-round Champion  GOLDGET KITTY

Frozen semen to be shipped to UK for the season 2020



Sea Hawk

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